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The Family Life Missionary Baptist Church has a Vision “to take the family to Godly heights, through reaching, teaching and preaching God’s word.” These will be families where Christ-centered leaders of high moral character are developed to carry out the will of Christ in Atlanta, Georgia to proclaim and apply His Gospel until He returns.


Our Mission is “to carry out the will of Christ; to promote the heatlh, interest, needs, rights and welfare of the family and community; to apply biblical solutions to contemporary social concerns; to provide Christ- centered leadership of high moral character; and to provide worship opportunities of high quality.”


We first met as a bible study group at the Ida Prather YWCA, 3571 Campbellton Road, S.W. Atlanta, Georgia, January 30, 1996.  The bible study group agreed to formally organize May 21, 1996 under the spiritual leadership of our founding Pastor, Alfred T Lands.  Bishop Sterling Lands, II of Greater Calvary Bible Church, Austin, Texas provided spiritual guidance and the organizational mode.  Since 2008, Bishop Sterling Lands, II, has been our presiding Bishop of Family Life International Fellowship, Inc.  In 2011 Pastor Alfred T. Lands was consecrated by Bishop Sterling Lands, II, the presiding Bishop of Family Life International Fellowship, Inc. into the Bishopric and First Lady, Rev. Rosemary Lands as Overseer.  Bishop Sterling Lands, II continues to provide consistent guidance and financial support to our leaders which allow them to continue to be effective as 21st Century Leaders.


The individuals that encouraged us were:  Dr. William E. Flippin, Sr., Pastor of the Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia; Bishop Sterling Lands, II, Greater Calvary Bible Church, Austin, Texas; Pastor Willie F. Brooks of the Guiding Light Missionary Baptist Church, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Pastor Posey Redmond of New Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, Atlanta, Georgia; Deacon Arnold Harris and   Rosemary Lands.


Those individuals that first agreed to formally organize were Rosemary Lands, Trunae’ Alyse Lands, Trulyse Faith Lands, Deidra Favors, Moira Giles, Mercedes Giles, Krista Burton,  Khalid Rodriquez, Diane Rodriques-Burton, and  Robert Burton.  The location of our official organizing was the New Calvary Baptist Church, 823 Dill Avenue, Atlanta, GA.  On August 3, 1996, Pastor P. L. Redmond served as moderator for our church organization.  Nine members were present and elected Rev. Alfred T. Lands as the founding Pastor and adopted the Family Life Missionary Baptist Church as the name of the fellowship.  The charter members met as a body for their worship service August 4, 1996 at 7621 Tara Boulevard, Jonesboro, Georgia.  Rev. Tony Mobley of Zion Hill Baptist Church preached the sermon.


Within these sixteen years, the Lord has truly blessed us.  We have had service from Pastor Lands’ home to a barbershop in Stone Mountain, from Fulton County, to DeKalb County to Clayton County where we rented a 4,000 square feet space at 1115 Morrow Rd., Morrow, Georgia for 12 years. Although our ministry is transitioning into our destiny, we still have willing, obedient, faithful, tithing members that are committed to “taking the family to Godly Heights.”  We are temporarily worshipping at Restoration and Deliverance,  Pastor, 697 Forest Pkwy. Forest Park, GA, Sundays at 7:30 am and Thursdays at 6:30 p.m while we prepare to purchase property at

 Fayetteville Road, Jonesboro. GA.


Some Highlights of our last sixteen years:

• Acquired our 501©3 status for our Outreach Ministry, Love Involves Family Everyday, Inc.,

- Ordained our first minister, our First Lady, Rev. Rosemary Lands, licensed seven ministers,

-sponsored  ten Summer Character Building Camps, where over 1,000 children have attended,

-partnered0 with Toys for Tots for l2 years and given toys and clothing to over 1800 families serving approximately 4,000 children;

-implemented a Lunch and Live Series,

-formed Warrior of the Word Young Adult Band, Warrior of the Word Adult Choir, Warrior of the Word Youth Choir

-sponsored a Television Ministry on Christian Cable Channel 23 for four years

-established Leadership Trainings,

-birthed Dedicated Anointed Virtuous Inspired Dance Ministry which has 10 dance teams, for young ladies, young men and mature women.

-Formed Godly Heights Basketball Team,

implemented T.A.L.K. Talking About the Lord’s Kingdom; Telephone Evangelism,

-graduated first college graduates of the ministry. Threee  of our young ladies from Spelman  College and two of our young men from Morehouse College . ----Had two historical revivals: Rev., Dr. William E. Flippin and his three Sons and the following week hosted Rev. Willie F. Brooks and his three daughters, -------started a Diaconate Ministry with seven families;

-birthed our D.A.T.E. Dating and Training for Excellent Ministry;

-birthed G.G. God’s Gurls all female band and singers;

-birthed the "Family, God's Gurls, Gospel Rappers, B'Lat and Rev. Taj B.

-birthed the Family Life Institute Revival,

-received Gold Level award from Georgia Baptist Association for Sunday School Leadership and Growth, Georgia Baptist Association for Evangelism Award for Baptism,


-Bishop Lands elevated to Bishop in the Family Life International Fellowship

-Rev Rosemary Lands elevated to Overseer in the Family Life International Fellowship

-Implemented Family Life newsletter

-implemented an exercise ministry called T-3,

-birthed Happy Hour Live a Christian social outlet that serves as an alternative to the club life,

-Kingdom Campus Ministry Bible study on the campus of Atlanta Metro;

-Bishop Lands And Rev. Lands, two of the founding members of Southwest Atlanta Baptist Associaion


-God's Gurls won as Champions of the Prayzefactor First Gospel Choice Awards.

-Released first CD entitled, Real

-Overseer Lands elevated to Bishop Elect Lands



-Bishop and Bishop Elect  host a marriage session on KISS 104.1 FM called Taking the Family to Godly Heights.  It airs every second Sunday at 6:15 am

-Birthed the Family music Ministry.  Consists of God's Gurls, B'Lat and Rev Taj B. Gospel rappers and Rev. Darien Brooks, vocalist warrior.

 -Bishop Lands elevated to Moderator of Southwest Atlanta Baptist Association

-We have led over 2,000 souls to Christ

We are committed to “taking the family to Godly heights” through a wholisitic approach to ministry.  We are presently fueling the lives of families of all backgrounds and ethnicities through God-giving ministries birthed from our visionary leader.  Here are some of them:



• (E.S.M.) Evangelism Squad Ministry

• Road Warriors - Family Life

• F.O.O.T. Soldiers Ministry

• (W.O.W) Warrior of the Word Sunday School

• (W.O.W) Warrior of the Word Bible Study

• (W.O.W.) Warrior of the Word Summer Camp

• (D.A.V.I.D). Dance Ministry ( G.L.A.D ( young ladies 6 to9 yrs) TWA (teen young ladies 13-15 yrs)  F.L.A.V.A., (hip hop, young ladies 18-29) G.A.D. (liturgical, ages 18-30) V.I.P., (mature ladies, ages 30 to 35) Y.M.O.B., (young men ages 9-16) Christ BOYZ (17 to 30 yrs)

• Diaconate Support Ministry

• Door Keepers (Usher) Ministry

• Women Tone the Home Ministry

• T 3, Toning the Temple Exercise Ministry

• (G.L.A.D.) Girls Ministry (God’s Lovely Anointed Dancers)

• Just Boy Talk Ministry

• New Member Ministry

• Discipleship Ministry

• (L.I.F.E.) Love Involves Family Everyday, Inc. Family Outreach Ministry

• (M.A.N.N.A.) Meals Are Nourishment Needed Always (Food Ministry)

• (C.A.P) Couples are Partners (Marriage Ministry)

• (S.A.S.) Single and Satisfied (Singles Ministry)

• (M.O.M.M.S.) Married Ones Matched to Mothers Single

• BibleKey Ministry (Afterschool Ministry)

• Music Ministry  (Warrior of the Word Choir, Family Life .Singers, youth choir, Family Life Gospel Men, God's Gurls, B Lat

• Just Man Talk Ministry

• Family Counseling Ministry

• Holy Day Care-Winter Camp doing Christmas Break

• (T.A.L.K.) (Talking  About Lord’s Kingdom) Telephone Evangelism

• (V.A.C). video, audio, creative  Ministry

• Christian Education Ministry

• , Home Buyers’ Seminar, Financial Seminars

• D.R.I.V.E. Ministry (Driving Responsible In Vehicles Everyday)

• Kitchen Ministry

• Hospitality Ministry

• C.A.R.E.E.R. Education Ministry (Combining Alternative Resources Expecting Excellent Results)

• 24 Hour Praying Mantis Ministry

• Kingdom Campus Ministry at Atlanta Metro College

• Kingdom Basketball Ministry

• Happy Hour Live Ministry

• G.G., God’s Gurls

• T3, Toning The Temple, Exercise and Fitness Ministry



We are working fervently to make a difference in the Clayton County Community. Our church schedule is designed to meet the needs of people in their daily walk with Christ.  We address those areas that provide for the greatest return in the lives of people on an individual and collective basis.


There is much Kingdom work to be done and these are some of the plans we have as God make provision.  We will birth the following:


• Day Care

• Family Life Christian Academy

• Rags to Riches Clothing Ministry

• Rites of Passage Youth Ministry

• Family Violence Ministry

• Homebound Ministry

• Sweeter with Time Ministry (seniors)

• Production/Promotion Ministry

• Hotel & Travel Ministry

• Inmate Advocacy

 *Family Life Center

*Family Life Recreation Center


We relinquished our space on Morrow Road to save more money to purchase our own property.  Presently, we are a church in transition, moving by the Spirit of God.


With continual prayer and our own space, we will be able to strengthen our present ministries and implement the latter ones and continue to take families to Godly heights.

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